Hi Readers!

How very presumptious of me. Writing a blog often feels like talking to a blank wall, but I do enjoy that aspect of it in many ways.

Hopefully there will be a few readers here and there though…

So, the clue is in the name. I am just another law student in this technological hemisphere!

I graduated from a UK university with a degree with Modern Languages in July 2016. I’d like to thank my Mum, my Dad, and Google Translate.

I hope to graduate from my law studies along with a similar speech but perhaps swap Google Translate for Wikipedia. (Only joking… or am I? I am. Mostly.)

One of my blog posts has touched on this briefly – the HUGE amount of fitness and beauty blogs and channels out there. I am a big fan of many of them! But sometimes I do think that my life, along with many other students’ lives (law students in particular – but I am biased), have a lot more interesting things to share!

So here’s my attempt to log some snippets of my law student lifestyle in hope that they might in fact to turn out to be enjoyable to read!

Thanks so much for reading so far and please follow and feel free to leave comments!

Another Law Student


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