Another Law Student

Here we go again… another law student with a vision of creating a blog that actually interests and god forbid helps another person.

In reality, a narcissistic nobody hoping to become a significant somebody!

In the last week or so I have started my GDL course and am studying as a distance learning student.

I’ve not found much help for students in the same situation as me so thought I would blog how it goes and maybe one day help someone who is one day in the same boat as me!

Online. Online. Online.

Everything is online.

Regardless of whether or not you are a distance learning student, the Virtual Learning Environment has become my go-to page. I’m still feeling daunted about this course after hearing horror stories from past students… but equally I’ve received advice. The key to this course (apparently!) is to stay on top of work.

My tutorials haven’t even begun yet and I’m already very aware of how important it is to keep on top of the pre-reading for tutorials and the necessity to watch the recorded lectures online. If I’m completely honest, this is a much easier task when still in pyjamas. Don’t judge… as long as the job gets hey!

Anyway, good luck to all and perhaps blog again soon!

Another Law Student


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