Exam Tomorrow!

My first ever law exam is tomorrow! It’s an EU law exam and is a multiple choice test. I thought this was a good thing at first but it turns out that the multiple choice answers are often so similar that it makes you start doubting your own knowledge!

I’ve worked really hard over the festive period balancing relaxing with revising, so I really hope the hard work pays off.

It’s a tricky time now though because I want to relax but feel as though I might suddenly forget EVERYTHING I’ve learnt if I do. Hmm.

I’m currently doing a Yoga Camp¬†challenge on the youtube channel ‘Yoga With Adriene’. That’ll be my little bit of relaxation tonight – although I’ve seen on the daily email that tonight is all about abs. ABSolutely not as relaxing as I’d hoped. But it’ll be a break nonetheless!

I hope everyone is having a great first week of 2016.

Another Law Student


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