Prep or Panic?

So as the Christmas break approaches I’m viewing it almost as a make or break time. I’m not sure this is the best mental attitude to have but the pressure is certainly motivating me to do some extra work more than a laid back blasé would.

It seems to be a matter of juggling the final bits of prep for this week’s lectures and tutorials, whilst needing to consolidate everything already covered, meanwhile also getting some revision notes together for the EU exam… not to mention actually learning and memorising all of the notes!

Apparently the content of the GDL becomes more difficult in the second term (according to a lecturer!) – whether this is true or not I’ll have to wait and see. What I do know though is that the content seems to build each week. Not building in the sense of a huge pile of work (although that is what it feels like… and what my desk looks like!), but building more like a puzzle I think.

There are undoubtedly plenty of gaps to fill in the puzzle as it stands right now but hopefully it’ll come together more over the next couple of weeks. I just need to stay motivated!

I’m not sure there are enough hours in the day! Nothing we can do about that though so best keep plodding along with it!

Rambles of Another (procrastinating) Law Student!


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