Crunch time!

As many law students will be acutely aware – these courses aren’t a walk in the park. That said, I feel like the reputation that studying law has acquired is perhaps slightly over exaggerated. Hard work is hard work no matter what subject you’re studying.

The reason I say this is because friends have been asking me (with sympathetic stares) “Oooooo how is the GDL going? Oooooooo I’ve heard it’s really hard? Oooooo are you SURE you want to come out tonight?”.

I’m trying to keep my cool at this time where I should be thinking about beginning revision, keeping up with current classwork and also researching and writing my coursework that is due March 30th. I think I’m succeeding in keeping my cool but perhaps I am suppressing all feelings of stress deep deep down! Only time will tell.

But this is the beginning of crunch time. Even my little brother, bless him, has his A Level mocks at the moment and is studying hard too – which is a very rare sight!

It’s also crunch time in that I’ve literally started doing crunches. You know, sit ups, crunches, all that jazz. I’m trying to run for a mere 12 minutes most days – which is really not much but is building up my stamina and is a great way to release any of that suppressed stress that attempts to show its face!

I hope you all have more exciting things going on than me! But no news is better than bad news.

Happy Wednesday!

Another Law Student just plodding along!


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