Instagram: Where are the normal lot?

I can’t figure out why Instagram is so full of fitness, beauty and food bloggers packed with colourful photos and over-ambitious recipes. Meanwhile, there hasn’t been a fad for normal professions for the every day person plodding along with their every day job.

When I’m on my way to work yes I’d love to oggle at some yoga poses that I’ll never manage to do unless I remove the odd rib. And it’s great to see those freshly made cappuccinos that remind you everyone else is a tired as you!


I think there’s a gap in the market for some normal lives. Where are the profiles of the people who ignore their alarm clocks, rush to work in a fluster and arrive just in time for a bit of small talk with their colleagues and a day of work? Where are these more NORMAL people?

Another Law Student


2 thoughts on “Instagram: Where are the normal lot?

    1. It’s interesting because the people following these instagram profiles (I’d be the first to admit I am included in that bracket!) aren’t necessarily showy. It seems to me that the fitness and beauty bloggers are the cool kids in the playground and the normal lot, that everyone else can relate to, daren’t step on their territory! When really.. it’s the everyday lives (that we can relate to) that people surely want to see more of?

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