Multi-Coloured Monday

Why so blue!?

Blue Monday this. Blue Monday that.

Even if today IS the most depressing day of the year (which I’m not convinced by anyway!) – why does everyone keep talking about it?! It’s on the morning news, the afternoon radio, it’ll no doubt be mentioned on TV this evening.

When we stubbed our toes when we were younger – were we told to keep thinking about the stone staircase we stubbed it on and the throbbing sensation making us keel over? NO. We were told to count to ten – to do something to take our mind off it. Occupy our mind!

If everyone really is feeling so blue, then it isn’t going to help to have a collective sense of misery amongst us now, is it?

I, for one, am back in Italy where I currently live and study my GDL on a distance-learning course. I’m back into the routine of studying – well, I’m back studying at least! Trying to keep up my January resolutions of Dry January and gratitude. Ironically, I don’t feel too grateful that I can’t enjoy a glass of red with my enormous pizzas!! But I am enjoying the challenge!

I watched the documentary ‘The Secret’ recently which I’d highly recommend if you’d like a motivational (partly cringy) pick-me-up. In this documentary, which is also a phenomenally popular book, it talks about ‘putting out your orders to the universe’ just as if you were in a restaurant. If you want something you have to ask for it, imagine it and work for it. (On the menu there is no dwelling on negatives or moping about complaining of miserable Monday!)

So whilst I order my mountain of parma ham and big bowl of pasta this evening, I’ll be ordering no glass of red, no Monday blues but lots of optimism and gratitude.

Happy Monday all!

Another Law Student


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