Mince Pies & Mocks

So today was a fantastically productive day – not on the work front no, don’t be silly – I got my hair done. Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Tomorrow is a new day and will be more EU law-orientated!

The reason I struggled to do any revision today was because by the time I managed to sit down to study I had to finish off my Land law mock that was due in at 5pm. I had a little debate with myself at the time as to whether I should focus on revision and not bother with the Land mock but then (to my disbelief) swayed towards the mock.

As we only get the chance to hand in two mocks per module over the course of the year, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to have my writing marked by a lecturer.

I’m hoping that this was the right decision to make and I’m certainly feeling motivated to work hard tomorrow so that is the silver lining!

I hope everyone is able to have some Christmas respite amongst their work and studies…

I’ve eaten my weight in homemade mince pies today so am feeling adequately festive!

Another Law Student


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