Exam Finished But Who Cares… I’m A MILLIONAIRE!

Correction: I am ALMOST a millionaire!! LOTTERY TICKET PURCHASED.

£58.7 MILLION roll over tonight on the UK Lotto. FIFTY EIGHT POINT SEVEN MILLION. I mean, I can’t even begin to comprehend that amount of money. To put it into perspective, I just topped up my car (edit: not my car, my family’s car on which I am insured!) with £12 of petrol because I couldn’t quite stretch to the full blown £15!!

ANYWAY, optimism at its finest.

Which was also the case yesterday with my exam. I went in with a positive attitude and came out slightly knocked but am maintaining that I did all I could for the exam so what will be, will be. Results out at the beginning of February, watch this space.

Thanks so much for all of the good luck messages I received, fingers crossed all of the luck and hard work have paid off!

Happy Weekend to one and all.

Have a fab one!

Another hopeful lottery player… sorry.. Law Student!


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