The Unglamorous Xmas Holidays for a Law Student

My Grandad told me yesterday that the sole fact alone that I am studying over the Christmas break means I will do well on my GDL. Oh, if only it were that easy Grandad!

But I did appreciate the boost of confidence and recognition, especially as Christmas is my favourite time of the year!

My family celebrate on Christmas day and Boxing day usually but this year we have ANOTHER big family get together today (27 December). So I was up until about 1:30am last night writing out flashcards for the Free Movement of Goods. And here I am again – with a very sore writer’s bump on my finger, might I add – writing some flashcards for the Free Movement of Persons before driving to my cousins’ for the afternoon.

Safe to say the idea of a house full of food and drink is getting me through the revision at the moment.

I must admit I am beginning to panic about how much there is for me to memorise but I’m counting on the fact that more must be seeping in gradually than I realise.

I hope you other law students are managing to balance the festive period with the not-so-festive studies. At least we’re in it together!

Another Law Student


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