Procrastination Central

So I’ve managed to write out some half-hearted revision notes for my EU law exam that is unfortunately around the corner. Now it’s just a matter of actually learning them. Easier said than done!

So naturally, I am procrastinating.

I’ve actually tried something new with the way I approach this course. I have typed up my notes onto Quizlet for each topic of the EU law module. I’d recommend the website/app to anyone wanting to spice up their revision life. Can’t believe I just wrote that, what a sad act.

But it is something different… You have all of your notes in one spot and can use the games like ‘scramble’ to test your memory.

The website forces me to write notes that are more concise than usual and hopefully will help with memorising.

It’s feeling very surreal coming from a non-law undergrad degree to now having to study legal statutes and common law cases. Quite a shock to the system from my usual attempt to justify watching Spanish films as language revision!

Waaaa here it goes.

Another Law Student


3 thoughts on “Procrastination Central

      1. Thank you! At the moment, I feel ready to move on from uni but I think that will change once I actually graduate and move on to ‘the real world’!


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