Hoping There Is Such A Thing As Karma…

This may be a very British thing for me to say but jesus some people are just. so. rude!

Manners don’t cost a thing. It’s not like they require hours of studying to gain. Manners aren’t a talent or a hereditary gift. They’re not rocket science. But SOME PEOPLE. JEEEEZ.

Today I met a student who I knew would be in the process of writing applications as it was clear they want to go down the training contract route. I offered some advice just in passing, drawing from personal experiences. I certainly wasn’t shoving it down their throat as I’d be the first to admit I am not any sort of pro! Well, the response I got in return was ungrateful at best and frankly downright rude!

You can IMMEDIATELY tell that someone with such an offensive attitude hasn’t a chance in hell of becoming a successful solicitor. At least I know for sure I wouldn’t want a solicitor who was rude and unapproachable. I’m not sure of anyone who would?

Anyway, talk about a good deed being thrown back in your face!

Onwards and upwards though – I’m not about letting people like that deter me from having and sharing positivity where I can.

Another law student.. wishing there weren’t quite as many rude law students about! In fact, let’s expand that to rude people in general. I kindly ask you, please and thank you, to eff off.

Only joking… sarcasm and irony doesn’t work so well via keyboard…! But seriously, cheer up everyone it’s Christmas!


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