New Year, New… Everybody, apparently!

Happy New Year all!

Hope you all had a fab Christmas and enjoyed celebrating the start of 2016.

I enjoyed spending mine with family and friends and managed to switch off from revision suspiciously easily. I used to be one of those people that felt guilty for not revising when I was relaxing.

Now though, when I am having breaks I couldn’t care less about work and somehow manage to zone out from the pressures of studies! I’m not sure how this happened but I’m certainly not complaining.

It’s so important to have breaks and be able to relax during busy times. Not just because it’s obviously not good for our health to be uptight and stressed. But it makes sense it terms of how well we want to do on our courses too. Work 24/7 and you’ll simply burn out. SO, cheers to relaxing!

I was going to saying ‘I’ll drink to that!’ but god help me I’ve committed myself to doing ‘Dry January’. Eek! If you’re reading this and also planning on not drinking a drop of alcohol this month then I salute you.

This isn’t part of a ‘new year, new fad’ for me as such, I’m not doing it to lose weight or anything like that. I just quite like the buzz of the challenge! Don’t get me wrong, I also like the buzz of drinking champagne (haha!) but 11 other months this year for lots of that.

Best of luck to you all for staying motivated to keep up with your resolutions, goals and, if applicable, your studies!

Another foooooooolish Law Student


3 thoughts on “New Year, New… Everybody, apparently!

  1. Happy New Year! I’m glad you managed to find time to relax. Well done on trying Dry January, I always consider doing it but my birthday is on 2nd January, which means I’ll have the biggest temptation right at the beginning!


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