Promotions and Perspective

Someone very close to me has just been promoted in their job. I am OBVIOUSLY so pleased and very proud of them but it has got me thinking…

Here I am plodding along with my GDL having graduated from my 4 year non-law UK degree in July. There they are, having graduated from a 3 year degree in 2014, and having earned a stable salary for a year, now watching their career progress.

The beginnings of a career in law is a slow process. I always have to remind myself that these years will pay off in the long run, they are investment years!

Whilst my friends may be in full-time employment, on stable salaries and watching their professional accomplishments grow… Us law students are continuing in the, sometimes gruelling, world of studies.

My bank balance is looking reasonably unhealthy at the moment. Let’s just say if it were my child and I took it to the doctors, I can only imagine I’d be told to look after it more and offer it some real TLC. But let’s blame Christmas.

Anyway, I digress.

The point is, don’t let the fact your friends might be earning and climbing up the professional ladder in their respective careers discourage you. The key term here is ‘respective careers’. My friend with the promotion is certainly not a lawyer. Different careers, different career paths.

What’s more… they are no longer receiving the free student hamburger with their Maccy Ds. So you win some, you lose some.

Another Law Student